Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best Christmas Present EVER!!!

Yesterday, I got the best present ever! We were finally able to go finalize Brianna's adoption! She has been with us for almost 7 months, and we have been so looking forward to finally getting a court date and officially making her a member of our family. I was so nervous/excited yesterday morning. The butterflies in my tummy were going crazy, I couldn't eat breakfast. We were at the courthouse a little early so that we could visit with our lawyer for a bit. The courtroom opened at 11:00 am. We were the first case #. We had to answer a few questions, and Brianna had to answer a few, you know like, "do you want to be adopted by them? - Do you understand what is happening?" type questions. The Judge, looked over everything smiled and said he was signing the papers then. We were so happy. It all took about 7 minutes! We went to Artic Circle for Egg Nog Shakes to celebrate, then later in the evening we had some of neighbors and friends over to have ice cream sundays and rock out to Sing Star.


Megan said...

Oh, I am so happy for you! That is so exciting, I know you have been waiting for this for awhile. :) Congrats!

Candice said...

Congrats Deborah. I'm so excited and happy for you and your family.

Lora said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Way exciting!