Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Guess Which One I Got

I love all the Decor Elements. I can see so many places I want to put them in my house. The problem is I want to paint or do something to the walls first in every room! Well I finally decided and bought my first DE for my home. I even have it applied to the wall.

The master bedroom and 2 other bedrooms are upstairs. There is a wall at the end of the little landing/hall what ever you want to call it, that can be seen from the bottom of the stairs. That is where I hang our family picture and the pictures of the kids.

Well, I got the idea in my head and started to work. I took down the old eucalyptus swag that used to hang over the pictures. I scrubbed the wall and filled in the old nail holes. Then I painted it a nice lighter tan with some left over paint from when we finished my sons room this summer. I really liked the single darker wall. I just got my Decor Elements yesterday and promptly figured out the "layout" for it and the pictures, then applied the DE and hung the pics. I LOVE the result!! and it was so easy to do! Literally took 5 minutes.

What's that you say? You want to see it? You want to know which one I put up? Well, I am feeling a little playful today, so I want to see if you can guess which one and color I put up. Simply leave a comment to this post with your guess and the first person to guess it right will get a goodie! If no one guesses the right one by December 20, I will put the names into random.org and draw a winner. I think we'll play for your choice of Decor Element valued up to $10!

Let the games begin!


Rhonda Shurtleff said...

I've never paid attention to your decorating style, so I'll just make my guess based on the family pictures. So, was is a chocolate "family"? Sounds like fun, whatever you chose!

Candice said...

Deborah, My first guess would have been the Chocolate Family, but I think that is to easy so I'm going to say Chocolate Life is Good. Hope it turned out great and I can't wait to see. I'm the same way I have several, but I havent' gotten the walls done yet. Candice

Megan said...

I was thinking both of those, but since I was too slow in posting my guess I will say the happiness word. Oh man, I have to pick a color too...well, I think both would look good against tan but I guess I will say chocolate.
I can't wait to see pics! :)

the nice one said...

this has nothing to do with stamps!! i just wanted to say
from annoyning best friend of your little sister!!
hope all is well with you