Sunday, November 16, 2008

Put A Personal "Stamp" on the Holidays!

Samantha Parisi is a fellow demonstrator somewhere in my sideline. We are connected through Amy Johnson. I am introducing you to her because she wrote the bulk of this post and graciously let me copy it and share it with you. I thought it was fantastic and will be very helpful to those wanting to add that personal touch to the holidays. You can check out her blog here. So without further ado, here is Samantha:

Holiday card making doesn’t have to be a huge production…with a little planning you can add your personal touch to the holidays and show all those around you just how much you care. Here is a basic time line to help make the process easier, whether you’re making 10 cards or 100 (keep in mind this could also apply to invitations for parties, weddings & showers!)

Things to Consider:Crafter know thyself! This should be a stress reducing not a stress inducing activity! If making holiday cards is going to drive you to start popping bourbon balls, then just don’t do it! • Keep it simple! The more cards you make the easier they should be. Adding one extra step when you’re making 5 cards is no biggie…but when you’re making 50, it adds hours to the process! Try to keep each card to less then 7 steps. • Don’t fret that your cards are too simple…get the basic design done and leave a minor embellishment to add if time permits….try not to sweat the small stuff! • Work assembly-line style, do all the cutting, then all the punching, all the coloring, then all the gluing, etc. This not only speeds the process but breaks it into smaller, more manageable chunks. • Delegate! Even Santa has helpers…have the kids stamp envelopes and ask your husband to print out address labels…everyone can pitch in! • Don’t wait for huge chunks of free time to work on this project (it may never come along!) Simply gather all the supplies in one area or in one container (to avoid search & rescue missions) and be ready to go on a moments notice. You can accomplish quite a bit in the 15 minutes it takes for water to boil or while your on hold with the insurance company! Watching T.V. is another ideal time to sit and work on a portion of your cards….little by little you can get them done! • Finally, remember that every card doesn’t have to be identical. Just as each of your friends is unique, so should their card be….a unique reflection of your heartfelt feelings for them.

*6-8 Weeks Prior to the Event: • Make a card list (or two! Some crafters make cards only for family members or close friends to cut down on the work load) • Decide on a basic design (including size, color, and sentiment….check back here for class dates and times.) • Compare your supplies on hand to your list of supplies needed • Make a list of supplies to purchase and contact your friendly Stampin’ Up!® Demonstrator. Don’t forget extra adhesive…now is not the time to run out!

  • 4-5 Weeks Prior: • Purchase supplies including envelopes, address labels and postage • Arrange supplies in one area or container so everything can be accessed quickly and easily as time permits • Start creating your cards, working assembly-line style • Address and stamp envelopes (you can save time here by using the computer)
  • 2-3 Weeks Prior: • Finish creating cards (now is the time to add those additional embellishments to certain cards to personalize them) • Double check these against your original list as you slip your cards into the envelopes • Mail your cards Now sit back and relax with a steaming cup of cocoa and just enjoy the holiday season…you deserve it!

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This is great...definitely tips I needed! :)