Friday, November 14, 2008

My Dabbleings in Stampin Yesterday

I have been working on the project for a Special Stampin' Night I am offering to my First Level Downline and my Supervisors and above in my levels 2-5. I am SUPER excited for this project and trying to get it just perfect. In my journey to this perfection, came these two cards.

I also have to mention that I am planning to be part of a swap at Leadership Training in January. This swap is for no layer cards. That is simply a card with no mat's or layers-a single piece of cardstock is used.

So, these two cards were created using those two starting points. I will add here that neither one of these cards made the cut for either the Stampin' Night or Leadership Swap. They just didn't materialize exactly like I wanted. But, I will share them since that is the stamping I got done yesterday!This is the first card. If you can tell, the blue hat is cut out and then put on a dimensional. There is also a bit of Dazzling Diamonds on it to help it sparkle! This one felt a little plain, so the in the next one, I traded for some of the green glitter from the Cosmo Glitter Stack, and did a reverse mask with some Kiwi Kiss and my Coluzzle. The scan didn't turn out well, the Kiwi is a bit more soft, not so harsh, and it fades more toward the hats.

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Megan said...

Cute! I have always thought simple simple cards like this are fun to just make a whole bunch for like thank yous or something to give as a gift. :)