Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Leadership Highlights - Orlando 2009

Wow! What a week! I absolutely LOVE going to Leadership. It is so much fun to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, share ideas and rub shoulders with some of the top demonstrators in Stampin' Up!. This leadership conference was the best yet, for me though.

We left in a snow storm on Wednesday around Noon. The freeway was a slick mess. They had to de-ice the plane before we left SLC. We stopped over in Dallas and the plane there had trouble so we sat for a bit while they worked out the kinks. We finally arrived in Orlando, FL at 11:30pm. We were an hour late, but what was great was Heather, my downline, flight was an hour early so we got there the same time which was fantastic!! After we gathered everyone together, Me, Sherri (my upline), Heather, and Candice (a sideline), we all grabbed a shuttle to our respective hotels. There were 3 other demonstrators on our shuttle. What a hoot! I tell ya, stampers are some of the most fun people!

Sherri and I were next to last being dropped off. Our poor shuttle driver was having a bad day. His GPS wasn't working and he had no idea how to get us to our hotels. He even blatantly - we were stopped at the red light for 3 lights, and then he decided to just go and ran a read light almost resulting in getting us hit! But we made it there and met up with our roomies- Ashley, Maxine, Kristine, Terry, and Janice. I also met Wendy who was staying on a different floor. We talked until about 3:00 AM!

I got up early I had to be at the convention center by 7:30 to work as a Make and Take Helper. Wendy's roommate Toni was also a make and take helper so we were able to share a taxi that morning. So, Wednesday was full of shopping at the Stampin' Up! Momento Mall, stamping and learning our make and take projects, and then working our assigned stations to help the incoming demonstrators do their make and takes. There were 2 different sessions. It was a long day, Toni and I didn't get finished till a bit past 8:00pm, but it was worth it! Then Toni and I met up with Ashley, Janice, Sherri, and Kristine and went out for some ice cream. Then, back to the hotel room to chat until oh, I'd say 2:00am!

Thursday was the first day of meetings. We started with a great opening session where Shelli announced that we will be offering Digital Scrapbooking later this year....OHHhh it will be awesome! All of our exclusive colors, embellishments, images! AND, you can even have the option to use the real embellishments in a hybrid fashion so you can keep the texture and layer look if you like! I can't wait till it is available! Stampin Up is famous for it's door prizes at the events, so of course the Digital scrapbooking was the first one given for the day and guess what....YAY! I won one and so did Ashley!!!!! We will get it as soon as it is available, so keep checking back!

So then it was off to lunch. Leadership is so fabulous, you don't get a box lunch like at convention or regionals, you get to sit in a dining hall with table cloths, and actual plates and silverware and a fabulous meal complete with a peach cheese cake slice for dessert! MMMMmmmm!

The training meetings were great. There is always something new to learn. Thursdays classes included things like Creating Balance and Optimism, which was one of my favorite classes.

That evening, Stampin' Up! spoiled it's upper title demonstrators with an exclusive evening at Universal Adventure Island - Marvel! They closed down that section of the park just for us! There was a wonderful gourmet buffet for dinner, superhero's wandering the streets, 4 rides for us (with of course NO LINES!) a DJ and dancing in the streets that were decked out with banners saying "Punch", "Crop", "Stamp" and such in comic book fashion! How fabulous is that!

We topped the night off with a free stamp set packaged in this adorable Spiderman Lunch box! I LOVE Stampin' Up!

Friday was filled with more business training meetings. Again, always something good to take home with you. Lunch this day was fabulous! Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, warm rolls, and a delectable chocolate cake for dessert.

At the closing session we heard a wonderful Keynote Speaker, she talked about changing the tune in your head, and how having a good attitude is vital for success.
Of course Stampin' Up! likes to end things with a bang and they gave all the attendees 2 free packages of new Decor' Elements!

Our group split up for dinner. Sherri, Janice, Kristine, and Ashley went to a Sleuths Dinner Theater. Sounded fun, but $50 was a bit too steep for me. So I joined Wendy and Toni and we at at Wonder Works at the magic/comedy show. It was fun and made me miss my kids who I know would have enjoyed it. This building was really neat. It was built to look like it had been dropped out of the sky upside down. It even creaked and moaned when you walked inside.

Saturday was a SU! Regional training that we stayed for. I get one FREE Regional Training a year based on my title of Sr. Manager. It was chuck full of great demonstrations, new product sneak peaks and business tips. I loved this regional.

Afterwards, Sherri, Me, Wendy, Janice, Ashley, and Kristine all went to dinner at a really neat local place called Cafe TuTu. It was a FUN place to eat. Everyone orders a couple of appetizer dishes, and then shares. Super fun. The best part was the artists that were there working in the restaurant. There was a painter, a sculpter, then we were graced with the talents of a belly dancer, hula hoop dancer, and another dancer! What a fun environment- and the food was great too!

Sunday morning Sherri, Wendy and I all got to sleep in since our flight didn't leave till 5:30 pm. So we went to brunch at IHOP and then hung out at the hotel for our shuttle to come take us to the airport. Sherri and I got home a little after 1:00am. That was a LONG day.

Next year Leadership will be in Phoenix! I am so excited! I would love to have you come too!


Megan said...

How fun! I loved reading all about Leadership! It sounds like you had so much fun...and so exciting...you won the digital scrapbooking thing! :)

Veronica said...

That sounds like super fun! I bet Orlando was great, and looks like you came out with some great new ideas and stamps.