Friday, April 3, 2009

Aloha.....Part 4

Day 4, Thursday, March 26

So this was our last full day on the Big Island. We chose to spend this day kinda kicking back. No really big plans. Just relaxing. We slept in that morning and after we ate a bit of breakfast, we decided to walk around the resort, since we really hadn't seen that much of it. We followed one of the pathways down to the private resort lagoon.

We stopped and watched the dolphins at the Dolphin Quest. They are so cute!

The little pathway takes you under the waterfall and as we came out the other side, we saw the sea turtles.

We decided to go back to our room and change into our swim suits and then rented some snorkel gear and snorkeled in the Lagoon. There were some neat fish, but the highlight was being near the waterfall because that is where the sea turtles hung out. They were kinda hard to see under the water unless you were right next to them.

We rode the trolley into Queens Market and grabbed some lunch and then came back and got ready for the Luau Stampin' Up! was throwing. Kevan wore his newly acquired Hawaiian shirt with turtles on it and I decided to wear my new sarong that I got the night before.

The food was fantastic! Kevan was excited to be able to try Poi it is made from tarot root. There were a few little booths around with demonstrations of Lei making, coconut husking and such.

We were treated to a 2 1/2 hour program full of island dancing everything from the Hawaiian Hula, to Samoan Fire dancing to Ashley, Candice, and Mindy's hubbys learning the hula!

When we got back to our room the parting pillow gift was on the bed. In a cute little box, was a beautiful hand made silver necklace stamped with "Aloha". Simply beautiful.

Our little group met afterward and played games for a while then we all decided it was time to get some rest. A few were leaving the next day for home, but Kevan and I along with the Barnard's, Robinson's, Williams, Anderson's, and the Bywater's would be going onto the island of Oahu, - Honolulu.

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